That’s all folks…

Its a wrap!! The final bit of greenhouse remains and tools, has been removed from the plot, and the museum commence back to normal.

When I started this project, I knew it was going to be hard work and at the very end, the plot would resume back to a overgrown patch of land. This has always slightly haunted me, as we spend hours and hours, digging out brambles and weeds. BUT Bernice Parker (one of the museum gardeners), has requested to keep the plot as an allotment, to use as a education plot. Im SO pleased that this has been agreed, and that my allotment can grow on to teach and inspire, our future generations, to grow their own. -I think my mission has been completed!!

I hope you have enjoyed this journey, as much as me and it has made you smile.

Betina Skovbro, October 2010


The END!!




Made in Roath

A one more outing for the exhibition, before it is all over.

We had a brilliant day in the sunshine, at the Made in Roath festival, where the pictures was planted in Waterloo Gardens flower beds, for the very last time!

-We had 100’s of visitors and lots of really nice comments.

The End!! Well Almost..

That’s all folks.. That was the final curtain and the allotment exhibition is no more.. Well apart for JUST one more day…

If you missed it, you have a final chance this weekend, at the MADE IN ROATH festival. The exhibition will be at Waterloo Gardens in Penylan, on Sunday 17th October from 10am till 6pm.

For more info go to

A very last picture from St Fagan’s, ¬†with a healthy crop of the finest organic vegetables.

-A BIG thank you! to Andrew, Dan and Mathew who helped me take it all down.

My last visit to the exhibition!

This Saturday, the whole display will come out, so I wanted to do one last visit to the allotment exhibition, while it was in one piece and took a few pictures, as a last memory, of what has been a great project.

Check out the pumpkin! it has tripled in size, in only 2 weeks..

Only one week to go!!

The end of the growing season is here and so is the end of the allotment keeper exhibition! This coming Friday (15th) is the last day of the show..

ONLY 2 weeks to go!!!

As the light seem to change and the nights are getting colder, I suddenly realised that the exhibition is also drawing to an end, with only 2 weeks to go. I hope you have had a chance to visit the plot, if not, this is your chance..

The last day of the exhibition is Friday the 15th October!

I’m amazed things are still growing and alive. One thing that seems to do really well is the pumpkin/marrow/squash (not really sure what it goes under) So bring on Halloween, I’m ready!


Food Festival a big hit!!

It was a very busy weekend at the food festival, with loads of crop ready to eat. Pictured is one of my little visitors, pulling a carrot, that Im sure, could win Best in Show!!

It is very tempting to pick all the veggies, but I have to keep reminding myself that, if I do, there will be nothing left for people to see when they visit the allotment, so hence the beetroots are the size of watermelons and loads of runner beans on the now “runnerbean-arch”.

It was so busy on the weekend, that the cows had to be removed from their field, to let the cars to park on their patch..

Food Festival Weekend 2010